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About Us

Welcome to Scenery Coffee Roasters! We're a trio with a combined 27 years of coffee industry experience, striving to be refreshingly straightforward in a field often characterised by fierce competition - both commercial, and in the drive to differentiate. 

Instead of joining the race to be the cheapest, or indeed the most exclusive, we choose to focus on honesty, humbleness, and openness. Our mission is to source, roast, brew, and sell coffees we truly love, and we hope you will too.

We respect the coffee industry and define ourselves not by opposition to others, but by our own terms, revisiting old ideas with fresh eyes, while remaining open-hearted to the innovative concepts reshaping the world of coffee.

We won't assert that we are the best, the most sustainable, ethical, unique roasters around. What we will claim is that we will genuinely strive to do our best, to continually improve, and to present our wins (and our failures) openly. As we grow, our ability to have a positive impact grows too.

But to stand for nothing would be to shirk responsibility. We’re committed to ethical business practices, especially when it concerns transactions with marginalized groups, acknowledging the global climate crisis, and embracing the concept of a circular economy. Each year, we’ll release a straightforward report that allows you to hold us accountable for our actions, while we navigate the challenges of sustainability as a small business.

We appreciate and respect every actor in the coffee value chain. We believe that each actor, from the farmer to the importer to the consumer, adds a unique layer to the coffee experience. We will seek to promote and facilitate connections between each layer, and we look forward to inviting you to our community and revealing more of our plans in this area. 

Instead of asserting a mission to 'educate' consumers, our philosophy as Scenery is not to teach, but to share. For those who desire to delve deeper into the world of coffee, we are an open book, offering a view “behind the scenes”. But for those who simply enjoy their brew, we respect and value your choice.

We value fairness over profit and in our commitment to this, we don't shy away from delivering a broad range of coffee offerings, each embraced and appreciated for both the joy of its purpose, and of its unique values. Understanding the balance between cost, quality, and ethics in coffee sourcing isn't always easy, and as part of our honest discourse, we will try and share what the challenges are in balancing these three elements without sacrificing the latter.

Because of this, we offer responsibly sourced coffees at different price points,  Some are simple, everyday brews that are easier on the wallet. Others might be more special, a treat for the taste buds, and a nod to the hard work of the farmers.

We have a particular interest in sourcing coffees that offer higher value addition for producers, high impact buying, as well as progressive processing.
Working with importers we commit to purchasing coffee early, whilst it is still in origin, and release coffees as they land in the UK - ensuring our offer changes with the seasons and producers are given a surety to their sales.

From an everyday brew to an extraordinary special release, our aim is to do the best we can without overstepping our ethical boundaries or sacrificing on quality. No grandiose promises, just a genuine attempt to do right. And in the end, showcasing the wonderful flavours of coffee, each lot a captured snapshot of the tropical scenery upon which it was grown.

Our vision is profoundly straightforward: to offer a humble coffee experience, rooted in fairness, authenticity, and a genuine love for what we do. We’re here to share the coffee we love, hoping it finds a place in your heart too.