Product Information:

Can I choose the grind size for my coffee?

At present, we only offer whole-bean. We will look to offer pre-ground in the future.

When will the coffee I want be back in stock?

If a coffee you'd like to order is currently out of stock, check back on Thursday mornings as that is when we restock for the week.

Are your coffees single-origin or blends?

We offer both blends (Facility, Colourful) and seasonal single origins. 

How often do you rotate your coffee selections?

We aim to source and rotate the coffees seasonally, but are not opposed to buying coffees “out of season” if they are free of the flavours of age. We expect to rotate blend components every few months and single origins on a 6-8 week basis.

What roast profiles do you offer?

We differentiate the offer into “Light, Medium and Heavy” as stylistic choices. As roasters, we can only add flavours of roast to a coffee - our categories are defined by how much the influence of the roaster can be tasted.

Are your coffee products suitable for different brewing equipment (e.g. French press, espresso machine)?

We recommend Light roasts be used for filter - pourover, batch brew etc, or for those who are more adept at espresso and have the kit to deal with lighter roasts.

Medium/Heavy are profiled & optimised more with Espresso in mind 

You can brew anything in a french press or aeropress - immersion brews are more forgiving.

Why are your tasting notes so simple?

Coffee is by definition an unfinished product, and different recipes and brew methods can produce surprising expressions of how each lot might taste.

We found ourselves unsatisfied with how much flavour notes have turned into a marketing exercise, and how frustrating or disappointing it might be if you cannot achieve the same flavours as a roaster claims.

Especially since these flavour notes can often reflect any stage in a coffee's lifespan, from the initial sample fresh off the drying bed to the very end of its shelf life, often bypassing the evolution of flavours in between.  

We’ve based our flavour notes on the inner wheels of the SCA Flavour Wheel to describe the broad categories of flavour a coffee falls into.

You will find more information on how we’ve found a coffee to taste in the web shop listing, but we’ll never make claims that a coffee “tastes of” - because when you have the joy of brewing and tasting it, your brewing experience is valid too.

We’d rather you tell us how a coffee tastes, to you, and we’ll celebrate that with you - tag us in any brews with your flavour notes @scenerycoffeeroasters

Are there any limited edition coffees available?

Watch this space - we will aim to source some exceptional, truly outstanding coffees from time to time. These may come at a higher price point, but will be more than worth it.

Sourcing & Ethics:

Who do you source your coffee beans from?

We’re working with trusted importers whom we have vetted through our time in the industry. We’ll share our import partners for each specific coffee in the product information. In time we hope to share insight into our green coffee costs - either Farmgate, FOB, or Ex-Works, with a full explanation of what each of those terms mean. However, we want to do so in a way that is commercially respectful to each tier of the value chain before us, and will only share these details when we are confident we are happy in the way it is handled.

What is your approach to sustainability?

We’re seeking to build in a circular economy thinking in our business, and will seek ways to reduce our packaging and energy consumption footprint. It’s super challenging to do from the very outset, but we have some good plans we’re looking forward to implementing once we’re established - watch this space.

Are your packaging materials recyclable or eco-friendly?

Our shipping materials are recyclable, our bags and labels are currently both LDPE recyclable. While our bags are currently made from virgin plastic, we are working on sourcing more sustainable materials - however the MOQ’s (minimum order quantities) for custom packaging are prohibitive for a small business. By supporting us in these early stages you are helping us achieve these significant milestones.

Production & Shipping:

How long does it take to receive my coffee order?

We aim to ship within 24 hours of receiving an order Monday to Friday. Orders received later than 2pm Friday may not be shipped until the following Monday. Details of shipping services can be found at checkout.

Do you offer subscriptions?

We’re working on this and aim to launch our home subscription service soon.

Do you offer International Shipping?

Yes! We ship worldwide via Royal Mail. If you have any further queries about international shipping, please refer to our shipping policy.

What is your return/refund policy?

Please refer to our Refund Policy via the quick link at the bottom of the page.

Brewing & Storage:

Can you provide brewing instructions or recommendations?

We provide simple filter instructions and espresso recipes on the back of each bag, with slightly more detailed recipes provided in the webshop listing for each coffee.

However these are not prescriptive - feel free to play around and experiment, and if you find a great recipe share it with us!

What’s the one best thing I can do at home to get the best out of my coffee?

Use a water filter if you live in a hard-water area. We personally use BWT, Brita, and Zerowater jugs at home for ease of use. Coffee is 98% and 90% water for filter/espresso respectively, the quality of the water chemistry has one of the biggest impacts on the final brew.

The second best thing you can do is get a set of scales and weigh the amount of coffee/water you are using - we always provide suggested brew ratios for our coffees. 

For the serious geeks out there:

We recommend water with 4-5 dGH and 2-3 dKH, with a TDS of 100ppm. If blending your own water, we prefer a slightly higher amount of magnesium to calcium.

Resting and best before date:

We’re roasting on a Loring S35, and we’ve found Loring roasted coffee to need a little more time to “open up” (taste best), and equally found it lasts a bit longer than roasts from other more classic brands of roasting equipment.

The following information is based off both our subjective experience and recent studies into the science of coffee freshness:

In general - roasts more suited for filter (Light) should be good to go from 7 days from their roast day, hitting their peak at 3-4 weeks and declining steadily to our BBD of 3 months off roast. Espresso (Medium/Heavy) needs at least 10 days to 2 weeks to settle down, will be pulling the best shots at 4-5 weeks, and will decline steadily to our BBD of 3 months off roast.

If a bag has been un-opened, some lighter roast coffees may still be good past BBD. We always advise aiming to finish a bag within 2 weeks of opening.

How should I store coffee to maintain freshness?

Push the air out, reseal with the zip, keep in a cool dark place like a cupboard. Try and use within 2-3 weeks of opening.

There are guides on best practices for freezing coffee online if you chose to store for a longer period.

Can I purchase coffee accessories or brewing equipment from your webshop?

We’re looking forward to launching our first kit partnerships soon - watch this space.

Other bits:

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! Contact sales@scenery.coffee and we’ll be in touch

Who does your illustrations?

We're working with Lucas Garcia for our illustrations, who we highly recommend - go check out his work!

I have a question which isn’t covered here/I want to get in touch with you

Feel free to get in touch with us via the contact us page or drop us a line on @scenerycoffeeroasters on instagram