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Villamaría Decaf

Villamaría Decaf

We will never give Decaf a short-shrift. Too often it’s the neglected part of the coffee offer - but Decaf drinkers are the true Coffee lovers, here for the flavour. We’ve sourced this excellent Sugarcane Process Decaf from our import partners at Raw Material, a Natural process from the Villamaría region of Colombia.

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Brew Guide:

Best Brewed with: Espresso, Moka Pot, French Press

Roasted for solubility & balanced acidity (Sugarcane decaf can be intensely tropical!) and texture, we’ll profile the coffee to make an excellent shot at 18g in, 38-40g out in 30-35 seconds. It’ll make a delicious filter when brewed with lower temperature water (88-90c) and 70g/L ratio.

We're tasting chocolate pineapple upside down cake, dark maple syrup, poached pear, and malt loaf in a dense, syrupy espresso when pulled with this recipe.

Please note - due to the nature of the physiochemical changes undergone during the decaffeination, this coffee will visually appear to be a much darker roast than its actual “perceived” roast degree


Country of Origin:
Producer Group:
30-50 Smallholder families from Villarazo, La Batea, and Corazol, amongst others.
Villamaría, Jamaica Processing Station
Variedad Colombia, Castillo Naranjal
1800 MASL
Natural, Sugarcane Decaf
Import Partner:

Raw Material


Autumn/Winter 23 - Arrived UK: Feb 24


Credit for additional farm & producer photography: Raw Material/Andrea Jimenez